The Green Choice

Eco Friendly Tourism

We understand that for many of our customers, environmental impact is an essential factor in choosing a holiday.
We share your concerns about this important issue, and we do everything that we can to minimise harms, and to keep Patagonia a beautiful area for future generations of travellers.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability can be seen in the following ways:

We work with local people, ensuring that the Patagonian economy is boosted by our activities.
Our guides are all lifelong residents of the area, and during your trip you will stay with native Patagonians and enjoy the local culture.

Our flyfishing excursions always follow the practice of "Catch and Release".
Any fish caught with Patagonia Turismo will be returned to the water. This is to keep the trout population healthy and sustained for the future.

All the food that we serve to you is locally-grown, reared and produced.
Don't worry about air miles, because our food has the smallest carbon footprint that you could imagine. Not only is it greener than many alternatives, it is also always exceptionally fresh and delicious.

Our trips into the wilderness always follow the rule of "Take only photographs and leave only footprints".
We are committed to leaving the environment as beautiful as it was when we arrived, so we are careful to remove all traces of our camping trips, picnics and other excursions.

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