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Your first step should be to contact us!

We are friendly and happy to help with any queries you might have, and we are completely at your disposal to organize the best itinerary tailored to your specific needs.
We'll look at your requirements for time, budget and group size, and give you the perfect package for your holiday.
We welcome lone travellers, couples, friends, families and groups of all ages.

While you can make arrangements yourself, we advise contacting us, as the area you're going to visit is a long way from the technological world that you are used to, and it will be time-consuming and difficult to plan your holiday without help from regional experts like ourselves.

By using the services of Patagonia Turismo, you can be sure that will not have to worry about the details of the trip or any unforeseen obstacles.
Instead, you can fully relax and enjoy your holiday, while we do the hard work for you.

01Choose the period in which you want to come and the duration of your trip. Remember, the Chilean summer is from December to March, and this is the best time to experience Patagonia.

02Select the activities you want to do from Patagonia Turismo's list: horse riding, rafting, floating, agritourism, trekking, kayaking, and bird-watching. This will give us a strong idea of how to plan your holiday, but you can always change your mind later, and we will be flexible and accommodating.

03Consider the types of accommodation on offer. Most nights, we will provide B&B in a picturesque Patagonian town, but during overnight trips, it may be necessary to camp in a tent, with a sleeping bag and mattress. Be aware that some campsites are not equipped with sanitary facilities. Unfortunately this is something we cannot control, so please make sure all the members of the group are aware of this and are happy to stay in these locations, or someone may have an unpleasant surprise!During the multi-day trips, lunches and dinners will be consumed onshore as you take a break from travelling down the river. Forget your trendy restaurants and enjoy a picnic like no other.

04Now send us your request, and we will prepare a tailored program for your consideration. We are always happy to modify things as you choose, and we do our best to accommodate most requests.

Once you have settled on your unique Patagonian experience, you just have to arrive here and we'll do the rest!

Follow the directions that are here - HOW TO REACH US.
Please see our FAQ section for some common queries, but we are always happy to hear from you.
Feel free to contact us anytime through our Contact Us form.

We hope to see you soon!

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