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Patagonia Turismo

Appreciate the cultural and natural beauty of Chilean Patagonia

Palena is a peaceful oasis nestled in a tranquil valley in the Andes. This part of northern Patagonia has not been visited by traditional tourism, so it offers an untouched, unspoilt experience to the adventurous traveller.

Here you can still hear the heartbeat of the Earth, as it was hundreds of years ago. In Palena men and nature follow the same rhythm and sing a harmony that, in these places, echoes unchanged through the centuries.

The experiences that we offer our visitors are unique and thrilling. Have dinner around the campfire, fish, descend rivers, rides horses along ancient paths, breathe and share the genuine country life. Relax and enjoy a chance to see a truly beautiful part of the natural world.

This is a holiday which lets you travel, not only to another country, but to another time.

Experienced guides will help you enjoy each aspect of this unique adventure in northern Patagonia.

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