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Palena River

Fly-fishing in the Palena River

This beautiful river crosses the Palena Province, running from the the Argentinian border to the Pacific Ocean.
The surrounding landscape is the best that the Andes have to offer: verdant hills devoted to pasture, high snow-capped mountains and unexpected extinct volcanoes covered by glaciers.

Along the path of the Palena River there are plenty of small beaches perfect for fishing from the edge of the river and many fabulous "spring creeks" in which to test the technique of throwing the fly.
Our guides know all the hidden treasures of the Palena, and will help you find the perfect spot for the best fishing.

You will board a katarraft, a small vessel designed for fishing success. This will provide you with the ultimate comfort and relaxation as you float down the river with your guide, finding the best-hidden spots for abundant "casting".

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